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sample budget

These samples are provided to give you an idea of the costs involved with a particular style of event, and are generic.   Your event might cost more or less depending upon your needs. Please contact us for an estimate for your specific event.

Lecture with Visual Presentation: $340

  • 2 hour show
  • Set up and tear down time
  • Computer Lectern
  • Data Projector
  • 1 lavaliere microphone
  • Lighting
  • Staffing

Digital Movie Screening: $300

  • 2 hour long movie
  • Computer Lectern
  • Sound system
  • Walk-in music
  • Wireless handheld microphone
  • Staffing

Talent Show with a Band: $500

  • 2 hour long show
  • 1 hour long rehearsal
  • Sound system
  • Sound console
  • Microphones for 2 guitars, drums, and a vocalist
  • 1 handheld microphone for announcements
  • Lighting
  • Staffing


embarcadero contacts

Natascha CohenSr. Public Events manager935 Embarcadero del Norte,
Isla Vista, CA 93117